The 5 senses of Lavender/The workshop of the Lavender Museum


To experience lavender differently we chose an original experience that solicited our 5 senses around this blue flower with the Lavender Museum of Coustellet in the Luberon.

A sensory workshop around lavender

Arriving at the Lavender Museum, we walk along a beautiful purple blue field and head towards a small building with a large canopy overlooking the lavender rows. It is in an industrial and cozy setting that Maria welcomes us for 1h30 of sensation. Inside the walls are decorated with paintings and decorations linked to lavender.

In front of us, modern tables dedicated to creation: easels, brushes, notebooks.

But for starters, creativity comes from elsewhere...

Combine lavender with hearing and touch

Maria invites us to get closer to 5 large boxes of wood. With our pencil and notebook, we'll have to use our senses of touch, smell and sight. It is a mixture of pleasant or unpleasant sensations, both original and surprising! Then the curtains close and the room is immersed in darkness to appeal to our hearing and associate sounds with parfumes. This is a technique used by great perfumers.

What smell does that sound sound sound to me?

Does it make me think of a sweet, sweet fragrance or on the contrary a sharp, acidic parfumel?

The taste of lavender

Our taste buds exult: finally we taste lavender bridal with original flavors.

These sublime lavender macaroons contain each of the mysterious ingredients. But what are they? Maria looks at us with a warm smile.

Painting natural and perfuming your work

It's time to reveal our sense of creativity. On our desk there is a desk with cardboard sheets, brushes, fragrant paints containing natural dyes (specially created for this workshop) and fragrance essences. The goal is to create a drawing by associating each color we used to paint with the fragrance it represents.

At the end of the workshop we leave, delighted, with our work.

We now look at lavender with a different eye, enriched with these beautiful experiences!


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Practical information:
Workshop on reservation

Every Friday in August, maximum 20 people
Duration 1h15. Rate — 35€/pers
Tel: 04 90 76 91 23

Animation of lavender distillation at the museum

Collection of distillation stills at the Lavender Museum

Photo of the museum shop

Discover a unique experience in the lavenderfields

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Les 5 sens de la Lavande / L'atelier du Musée de la Lavande
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Les 5 sens de la lavande
Les 5 sens de la lavande
Les 5 sens de la lavande
Les 5 sens de la lavande
Atelier 5 Sens de la lavande
Atelier 5 Sens de la lavande
Atelier 5 Sens de la lavande
Atelier 5 Sens de la lavande
Atelier 5 Sens de la lavande
Distillation de lavande
Récolte de lavande
Les ateliers d'août au Musée de la Lavande
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