The Combe du Sautadou and the Vallon de Recaute

The combe de Recaute is a wide stony track and on its sides numerous Aleppo pines and holm oaks. Quite frequented by the many passerines of all species combined: chickadas, sittelles, kinglets, warblers...

Hike Lauris Combe du Sautadou Vallon de Recaute

Easy hiking

6 km circuit

Duration 2 hours

Elevation difference: 184 m

In the Vallon de Recaute you will find a Borie that was used at the time to house shepherds, farmers, but also to store agricultural equipment.

Advancing through the valley the plant density changes, the scrubland with rosemary, thyme and typical Mediterranean shrubs take over. It's in this scrub that we're going to look for the feeling that's climbing up there. It's marked, don't worry. A raidillon over a hundred meters to reach the ridge at 393 meters, very beautiful view of the limestone cliffs of Petite Luberon, “the Kingdom of Raptors” as Bonelli's eagle, the royal eagle, and observe the great crow there.

A south facing window on the Lower Durance Valley. Before starting the descent, look for a well-formed trail that runs east. We have the combe de Recaute behind us, the combe du Sautadou at the bottom right.

The trail crosses the hill and goes down to the steep slope of the Sautadou combe, a narrow, steep and slippery path.

We reach the track and turn right for a return to the car park of Recaute in the direction of Lauris.

All year round.

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Vallon de Recaute - Combe du Sautadou
Station de pompage Recaute

84360 Lauris
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Vallon de Recaute - Combe du Sautadou - Lauris
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