TOP 3 ideal activities to get some fresh air in the Luberon Heart of Provence

Have you planned your next getaway in the Luberon Coeur de Provence? Discover our TOP 3 ideal activities for getting some fresh air. There will be something for everyone!

Top 3 ideal activities

1- Hike around the botanical trail of the village of Beaumettes

Do you know the village of Beaumettes? This picturesque village with cave houses... Architecture linked to the breathing of the rock, its shape and its durability, troglodyte dwellings hosted the first human civilizations on the five continents. To discover before your hike!

Satisfy your desires for nature... It's possible in the Luberon Heart of Provence. The sun is already good! We are lucky to be able to enjoy sunny weather in the Luberon. So do you like an easy hike, discovering the landscapes, fauna and flora of the village of Beaumettes? At the start behind the village church, a 2.5 km loop and about 50 minutes walk awaits you. You don't have to be a skilled walker to please yourself and appreciate what's around you. If you're lucky, you can spot crested chickadees and southern warblers.

Sublime landscapes on the Calavon valley, the villages of Ménerbes and Oppède-le-Vieux will enchant you... If you want to know more about this hike, a detailed sheet of the route can be downloaded on our website.

Top 3 ideal activities

Top 3 ideal activities

Top 3 ideal activities

Top 3 ideal activities

2- Discover the majestic Cedar Forest of Cabrières-d'Avignon!

Do you know the cedar forest of Cabrières-d'Avignon?
This huge forest of more than 5 hectares will amaze you with the grandeur of its cedars. Nature lovers will enjoy the ride; a breath of fresh air awaits you.
Accessible from the top of the village, it is probably the flagship place for family walks. You will appreciate its calm and tranquility... The place is ideal for recharging your batteries, taking your time, admiring the great cedars, listening to the birds singing, BREATHING!
The cedar forest offers 2 landscaped trails:

Top 3 ideal activities

The health path for the most athletic

A 1300m course awaits the most sporty. You will find 20 workshops between warm-up, strength training and recovery... What to get in shape to start your day... in the heart of a sumptuous setting!

The botanical trail to discover with your family

A botanical trail of 3km and about 1h30, relatively flat will allow you to discover the richness of the local fauna and flora (scrubland, cedar), whose main species are reported along the route. The lucky ones will be able to see hares or even foxes, squirrels... You will appreciate the smells, in all seasons.

*Please do not pick the plants and flowers that you find on your way.

Top 3 ideal activities

Top 3 ideal activities

3- Gordes... by bike

Ride... to discover the wonders of Gordes and its surroundings! The bucolic landscapes between cherry trees, olive trees and vineyards make this walk a pure moment of happiness and discovery. An itinerary dotted with Provencal jewels invites you to take a stroll.

A thousand and one wonders will be revealed to you along the way. Must-sees such as the Abbey of Sénanque, charming typical Provencal villages and amazing mills that emerge behind the dry stone walls. So much to discover by bike on the roads of the Luberon!

Top 3 ideal activities

For athletes...

This route will take you through the Luberon and the Monts de Vaucluse over 69 km (6h30) between Robion, Lagnes, Cabrières-d'Avignon, Gordes, Murs, Joucas, Saint-Pantaléon, Goult, Lumières, Ménerbes Robion. You will appreciate the narrow streets of these villages where a little break will be well deserved.

Other Gordes bike tours are possible depending on your level.

Take a break under the cedars...

At the entrance to the forest you will find picnic tables: be careful, it is necessary to reserve the use of these tables at the following address: amis.cedres@gmail.com It is necessary to respect and take care of this place, for this waste bins are at your disposal.

Discover breathtaking points of view...

If you feel like contemplating other landscapes during your getaway in the Luberon, we have selected 5 points of view that we love... and that will surely love!

The Calavon cycle route

The Calavon cycle route now starts in Cavaillon! It is also an essential walk to do with the family, without any difference in altitude!

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TOP 3 des activités idéales pour prendre l'air en Luberon Cœur de Provence
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