Terroir and sweetness of wine at Domaine Tourbillon

Freshness of the late afternoon, topped by a nascent darkness and welcoming festive lights invite us to enter this early December into the space of the Domaine Tourbillon located in Lagnes.

We meet our friends to introduce our taste buds to the blend of wine and chocolate...

In advance, we leave the children in the hands of Miss Moulinette who will teach them juggling, magic and other circus animation. The biggest ones will come up join us for chocolate!!!!

When we enter the tasting room, we meet other gourmets, eager for taste discoveries. Immediately, the decoration of the table delights us: beauty of cocoa beans, arrangement of chocolates, ribbbles of bottles and fir of corks!!!

When Benjamin Tourbillon, winemaker and Didier, chocolatier at the Castelain chocolate factory, begin their initiation, the journey begins. Two stories follow each other and merge:

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History of a terroir of stones hanging on their hill, overlooking the Rhone River where grape varieties are mixed, maintenance of the land and the vineyard, accompaniment and maturity of the clusters, patient and connoisseur blend. A family story... Benjamin Tourbillon puts a face on his wines.

History of foreign lands with evocative names full of sun. We arrived in the country of chocolate. Chocolaterie Bernard Castelain puts a point of honor to educate the palates of the little ones... Learning to eat well and especially good products begins from a very young age!

Christmas decoration and molding are on the program...

Now, between the food presented on the table and the love with which our two guests talk about it, it is really time to move on to pleasant things...

Quiet... We taste chocolate first: everyone seeks to explore the flavours that develop on the palate... we imagine the country of origin, we look for the flavor of the head, we make sure that this sensation fits into our memory and then we add a sip of wine.

And there the alchemy takes place... A wine can exalt the flavors of a chocolate in an incredible way. Sometimes strong and powerful, sometimes light and fruity, its flavor blends with chocolate to explode the mixture in the mouth.

Sometimes, on the other hand, the chocolate is too strong and crushes the wine, or vice versa... Four different wines, four different chocolates, so many blending possibilities that delight everyone we are.

Everyone finds the mixture he likes, or even two, or even three...

The delighted smiles around the table testify to a true shared happiness.

We are pleased to have participated in this workshop. Thanks to Domaine Tourbillon and Chocolaterie Castelain for organizing such an experience.

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Terroir et douceur de vin au Domaine Tourbillon
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