Our sommeliers talk about the food and wine pairings of Luberon and Ventoux

Une visite guidée ?, une soirée ? ou une expérience dans le Luberon ?

Discover ideas for food and wine pairings from Luberon and Ventoux, chosen by three sommeliers from the region, through their interviews.

Sommelier interview

Natalie MORNARD, sommelier Restaurant Le Vivier - Isle sur la Sorgue

Pascal VINCENT, sommelier La Bastide de Pierres (La Bastide de Gordes )

Alfredo Antonio ROMO, expert in wine and spirits / Agence Aromo


And what wine goes well with what?

Can you give us a sensible idea of what goes well with a white, red or rosé?

AR: Quite simply, the classic combination: a white with fresh goat's cheese sprinkled with savory; a fine rosé with red mullet in a spicy marinade; a red with a good Provencal daube or lamb that's been cooked for seven hours.

NM: A chocolate and truffle dessert paired with a 2005 Gouverneur Saint Auban red from La Citadelle.


An how about a crazy idea?

NM: Contre Courant (a 2014 white wine) by Guillaume Gros to accompany a dish based of sea urchin, coffee, Jerusalem artichoke and truffle; a Domaine de Fontvert rosé called Mourre Rose to go with a dish made from octopus tentacles with hollandaise sauce, Maltese orange and roasted white asparagus.

AR: A rosé to g with Japanese cooking: salmon sushi with lotus fower rootletsof lotus flowers; a red wine to accompany lamb tajine with apricots; a 100% Viognier white whose floral side will pair marvellously with green asparagus from the Durance.

PV: I suggest pairing ice creams and sorbets with one of the main aromatic notes of a local wine! A lemon sorbet with a white Inopiné from Mas Lauris to show off its "vivacity" and "energy". For ice cream made with exotic fruit, I'd suggest a ripe white wine with a hint of mango; for peach or apricot ice cream, a Viognier from the Peyre estate or a Muscat from Domaine de la Royère.


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Nos sommeliers parlent des vins du Luberon et du Ventoux
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