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Les Taillades is a town out of “stones”. At the top, the historic village and its church perched on the remains of limestone quarries. Downstairs, the Carpentras Canal and its superb Saint-Pierre mill.

The village of Les Taillades is built at the foot of the western end of the Luberon.
Two rocky headlands dominate the village (the church and the village tower) and enjoy an exceptional view of the quarries, the Luberon and the plain (from Cavaillon to Mont Ventoux!).

At the top, the historic village and its church perched from the 18th century on the remains of limestone quarries.

Entering the old village you can discover the 'Morvellous', a representation of St. Véran or atoning figure carved from the rock.

The Carrière, which became 'Théâtre', is a witness to a past in which stone lived the Tailladais (from the Middle Ages to the end of the 19th century). After this period the village extended towards the plain and the Carpentras canal which opened up new prospects.

The exploitation of the stone was carried out by preserving the access road at the top of the village, while reforcing its defensive system. This career in the heart of the old village has become the Théâtre des Carrières, where every summer many shows are given.

The stonemasher tools are visible at St. People's Chapel, which is open exceptionally on certain dates of the year.

Downstairs, the Carpentras Canal and its superb Saint-Pierre mill dating from 1859, built at the time of the exploitation of La Garance, a tinctorial plant giving a bright red. It became a flour mill from 1874 to 1881; since 1981 it belonged to the commune of Les Taillades.

Its imposing paddle wheel, the largest in the Vaucluse, consists of 24 blades. It is reflected in the old canal, bordered by an alley of centuries-old plane trees of great beauty.

Three explanatory panels affixed against the mill present the history of the mill and the canal.

The name of the village

It comes either from stone cutting activity or from the Latin 'Tailladae' meaning 'village on a rock'.

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Les Taillades
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