Les Baumes - Tour de la Reveyrolle in Puget sur Durance

Middle level - Distance 8km - Duration 2h30 Points of interest: Beautiful garrigue, pine forests. Beautiful view of the plateau on the surrounding limestone cliffs. Cedrains on the top of the Petite Luberon.


Description of the course:

1. Take the paved path to the left of the bus shelter through the houses. Stony path then arriving on the hamlet of Les Baumes. Cross it and in the descent turn right. Numerous winter and spring passerines. We continue straight behind the barrier (Forest track) in a fairly shady corridor, at the 2nd barrier continue straight ahead.

2. Once on the GR turn left a path that gradually rises. Once on the plateau you admire the view, a beautiful scrubland and beautiful limestone cliffs. Leave the GR97 on the left and continue on the trail. At the turn of a beautiful view of the Petite Luberon summit.

3. At the pin head descend to the left (cistern 39) the Vallon du Dégoutan.

4. Once past the barrier, take the climb to the right, you arrive on a plateau surrounded by a beautiful hilly area (Beware beehives on the right). Continue on your left the path that descends.

5. At the buried cistern, opposite take the trail to the left (white and red GR) through the scrubland. During the descent you may have the chance to see a small lizard, typical living in the rock gardens.

6. We return to the DFCI track, quite wide, turn right and continue to a paved road.

7. Continue on your left and walk straight for 1.5 km

8. At the transformer take the descending path and join P1

Points of interest:

Nice scrubland, pine forests. Beautiful view of the plateau on the surrounding limestone cliffs. Cedrains on the top of the Petite Luberon. On both plateaus, in good season, one can have the chance to hear or see red partridges, the Lulu lark, the southern shrike, and several species of southern warblers. Presence of the

All year round.

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Les Baumes - Tour de la Reveyrolle
Abris-bus des Hautes Baumes

84360 Puget
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Baumes/Tour de la Reveyrolle - Puget surt Durance
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