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Visit our distillery, see the Lavandoscope and walk our informative trails. Enjoy workshops, fun activities, the aromatic'Bar and our shop. Discover the secrets of lavender. Discover how it grows, how it is used, and discover other aromatic and medicinal plants through visits to our distillery and all it offers.

Your visit begins here!
On an exceptional site, a unique experience awaits you ... immersion in the heart of the lavender fields, visit the distillery, workshops ...
Discover the secrets of Lavender and let yourself be guided through the heart of the distillery to discover the world of essential oils: Take part in the free, guided tour in French, English, Spanish or German.
Continue your journey in the Plantothèque, Lavandoscope (area entirely dedicated to Lavender) and walk along the discovery trails ...
If you want to learn more, take part in the Lavender Outings. Learn about soap-making and take your own soap home with you at the end of the day.
Be surprised by the atypical distillery shop and its wide range of 100% organic Aroma'Plantes products: Lavender and lavender-based products, essential oils, floral waters, soaps, cosmetics, herbs from Provence, aromatic and medicinal plants ...
Enjoy a refreshing break at the Aromatic'Bar, in the shade of the chestnut trees. The offerings are original and are 100% organic.
Free guided tour of the distillery: Come and watch the distillation during the harvest season and learn about how distillation works. 7/7. Lasts about 30 minutes. Free guided tour of the soap factory: Enter the heart of our own laboratory, and discover the secrets of making our soaps using the traditional method of cold saponification. Takes place every second Monday each month at 2 pm. Time: about 30 min.

Lavender outings: Guided by the lavender grower, come harvest and distill your lavender and take your own bottle of essential oil home with you.
Mondays, Wedesdays and Thursdays at 2:30pm, from 1 July to 20 August 2020.
Outing lasts 2 and-a-half hours. Children over 6 years old and adults.
Reservations required. Min. 4 pers., max 24 pers.
Price: 12€/pers for adults. Under 12: 8 €/pers.

Soap-making workshop for adults: come create your own soap in our own laboratory, discover the ancestral method of cold soap-making, bring your soap home with you.
Tuesdays at 2:30 pm, 7 to 28 April, 7 July to 18 August; 20 to 27 October 2020.
Workshop lasts: 2 hours. Children over 10 if accompanied by an adult.
Reservation required. Min. 4 pers., max. 12 pers..
Price: 15 €/pers.

Apprentice soapmaker: Soap-making workshop for children.
Come discover the secrets of cold soap-making in our own laboratory, and take your shower gel creation home with you.
Thursdays at 2:30pm from 9 to 30 April, 7 July to 18 August and 22 to 29 October 2020.
Lasts: 1 hour. Children 8 to 14.
Reservation required. Min. 4 persons, max.10 pers.
Price: 10 €/pers.

Cosmetics workshop: Enter our own laboratory and take your first steps in making your own cosmetics, work with our laboratory technician, and take your products home with you.
Wednesdays at 2:30pm, 8 to 29 April, 1 July to 20 August and 21 to 28 October 2020.
Lasts: 1 1/2 hours. Over 14 years old.
Reservation required. Min 4 pers. Max 12 pers.
Price: 18 €/pers.

Fuseaux workshop (reserved for groups, reservation required): Go with the guide into the field, pick your own Lavender that you will use to make your own fuseau and take your fuseau, a quintessentially Provençal product, home with you. July and August 2020.
Lasts: approx. 1 1/2 hours. Price on request.
Fuseau workshop for adults and children. In French and English

The Aromatic'Bar: enjoy a delicious, refreshing break! Taste the Aromatic’diabolos, a crêpe made with spelt, under centuries-old chestnut trees.…
Our boutique: a great shopping space in the heart of the farm. Over 700 products 100 % Arôma'plantes. Cosmetics from our own laboratory, labels Bio and Slow Cosmétiques.

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Distillerie Aroma Plantes
Distillerie Aroma'plantes
Distillerie Aroma Plantes
Distillerie Aroma Plantes
Distillerie Aroma Plantes
Distillerie Aroma'plantes
Distillerie Aroma Plantes
Distillerie Aroma Plantes
Distillerie Aroma Plantes
Distillerie Aroma'plantes
Distillerie Aroma Plantes
Distillerie Aroma Plantes
Distillerie Aroma Plantes

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Distillerie Aroma'Plantes
Route du Mont Ventoux

84390 Sault
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